Joshua Tree Paintings

JT dreamings

The Dreamtime is a temporary autonomous zone where anything goes. Change is the only constant. Things are consistent through their very inconsistency. Symbolism can be traditional and shared throughout the culture or it can be very personal and subjective.

Joshua Tree Dreaming 3

The Dreamtime reconciles opposites. In the Dreamtime it can be day and night, past and present, simultaneously. Sun and stars, moon and rainbow, can coexist. Things can be seen from inside and outside, from level ground and from the sky above. Abstract and representational; spiritual and material; in the Dreamtime all dichotomies are reconciled.

Joshua Tree Dreaming 8

These paintings are called Urban Aborigine because I’m a contemporary American city-dweller who possibly used to be an Australian Aborigine in a past lifetime. I don’t know what else could explain it. The paintings are done while listening to didgeridoo.

Joshua Tree Dreaming 4

Joshua Tree Dreaming 5

Like the aboriginal art which inspires them, the paintings have no up-down orientation but can be hung any way. Also like the work which inspired mine, most of the paint was applied with twigs from trees.

Joshua Tree Dreaming 12

Joshua Tree Dreaming 10

Joshua Tree Dreaming 10 detail

Joshua Blossom Dreaming

Turtle Rock Dreaming

Joshua Tree Dreaming 11

Joshua Tree Dreaming 6

Joshua Tree Dreaming 9

Joshua Tree Dreaming 7

Joshua Tree Dreaming 13

Visit the page that contains a wealth of information about music and Joshua Tree.

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