I Heart Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree is famous for free climbing, and as a setting for psychedelic experiences, which is another kind of free soloing. Mostly, it’s famous for music.

For me, Joshua Tree has been a never-ending source of inspiration, and led to the creation of several paintings, known as Joshua Tree Dreamings.

Here is a bunch of Joshua Tree music information, which is good as far as I know. Additions and corrections are welcome.

Entering Joshua Tree

Musicians Who Live or Have Lived at Joshua Tree:
This information is good as far as I know, but corrections are welcome.

Harriet Allen
Elia Arce
Rojer Arnold
Bingo Dream Band
Brant Bjork – founding member of Kyuss & Fu Manchu
Peter Blackstock
Steve “Dandy” Brown – Orquesta del Desierto sessions. “My wife and I had come to Joshua Tree when we first started dating… kept the town in our thoughts over the next few years, and we knew that at some point we wanted to live here. Bringing Orquestra to Rancho de la Luna has been one of the wisest production choices I’ve ever made.”
Eric Burdon – had a house here as early as 1968. In 2000, the “Rockin’ for Joshua Tree” Earth Day benefit concert in Palm Springs was against the Eagle Mountain Landfill
Fred Burke
Dave Catching
Robyn Celia
Dean Chamberlain – partner in Rancho de la Luna. Code Blue. Quit music to make films
Dick Dale
Desert Sessions – began by Josh Homme in 1997
Donovan – spent much of the 1970s here
Fred Drake — (died in 2002) earthlings?
Steve Earle
Tim Easton – musician and painter
Shari Elf and the Fairy Elf Bandart queen
Bob Forrest
Buzz Gamble
Howe Gelb
Giant Sand
Golden Animal
Chris Goss – Masters of Reality, Stone Temple Pilots, Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss
Kristin Hersh – song “White Trash Moon” refers to childhood home near Joshua Tree
Josh Homme – Queens of the Stone Age
Honky Tonk Train
Deborah Iyall – Romeo Void
Duane Jarvis
Joshua Tree – U2 tribute band
Joshua Tree Didgeridoos
Joshua Tree Roots Festival
Mark Lanegan – Queens of the Stone Age
Brent Lewis – studio in Joshua Tree
Juke Logan
Shawn Mafia
Tony Mason
Robert Matsuda
Johnette Napolitano – moved herself and reunited Concrete Blonde to the desert and said “I specifically bought land that had Joshua trees on it.”
Mark Olson – Left the Jayhawks in 1995 to move to Joshua Tree. He didn’t work with Gary Louris again until 2001, when they got together at Olson’s desert home to write some songs. In 2005, Olson split up with wife Victoria Williams and left Joshua Tree
Orquesta del Desierto
Purple Mountain Matinee
Queens of the Stone AgeSongs for the Deaf is a concept album built around things heard on the radio on a journey to Joshua Tree
Kristina Quigley
Ted Quinn
Gram Rabbit
Steve Roach – “The Breathing Stone is about the Joshua Tree area. During my last five years in LA…increasing trips to the Joshua Tree desert gave me the recharging needed to live in LA. It was after my second trip to Australis that it got to the point of no returning. I just had to leave it all behind and go to the next edge, leaving the roar of the city for the roar of the silence I find in the desert.”
Mark Nishita Ramos – “At least once a month, I have to get away [from LA]. I have a place out by Joshua Tree where I can hit the reset button.”
Rancho de la Luna – single-level ranch house and recording studio. Some of the older Kyuss records, earthlings?
Kevin Richey – Bingo Band, Rancho de la Luna associate
Rim Rock Rhythm Pushers
Mike “Razz” Russell – Bass, violin, mandolin. With Mark Olson and Victoria Williams, shunned major labels and put out seven albums in seven years as the Original Harmony Ridge Creek Dippers.
SawtoothJoshua Tree CA
Shadow Mountain Band
Thrift Store All Stars
Jesika Von Rabbit
Dusty Wakeman – started Gramfest
Wild Ass Ranchers
Victoria Williams
Nancy Wilson
Wooden Nickel
Yard of Blondes
Jackie Young

Music Videos Shot All or Partly at Joshua Tree

Jessica Andrews “There’s More to Me Than You”
Paul Oakenfold “Starry Eyed Surprise”
Allison Moorer “Send Down an Angel”
Shelby Lynne “Run Away”
Zwan “Honestly”


Other Musicians Associated with Joshua Tree:

Tommy Aguilar (fictitious)
Bartenders Bible
Frank Black
Byrds – have stayed at the Inn
Camper van Beethoven
Canned Heat
Captain Beefheart — in the Sixties, with Magic Band
John Carco
Concrete Blonde
David Crosby – Desert Sessions
The Donnas
Greg Dray
The Duke Spirit
Eagles – have stayed at the Inn
Eagles of Death Metal
Nick El Dorado
Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster
Marianne Faithfull
Paul Finley
Golana – Native American flutist, considers himself a “rock sitter” and often composes out in nature at Joshua Tree
Chris Goss
Josh Grange
Dave Grohlhis talk with Marc Maron is one the grandest discoveries of the year
Emmylou Harris – Gram Parsons’ singing partner and now main keeper of his musical flame
PJ Harvey
Don Heffington
High or Hellwater
Itchy Pet
Alain Johannes
Blade Jones (fictitious)
“Sneaky” Pete Kleinow – of the Flying Burrito Brothers and many other creative endeavors. His memorial service was held at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center, Jan. 27, 2007
Boomer Lalli
Jim Lauderdale
Bernie Leadon – Eagles
Shelby Lynne
Samantha Maloney – Hole. Desert Sessions
Brendon McNicholl – Queens of the Stone Age
Craig Nuttycombe
Van Dyke Parks
Gram Parsons – International Submarine Band, The Byrds and The Flying Burrito Brothers. Joshua Tree was where he wanted to be, alive or dead. Here he watched for UFOs and got close to the elemental forces of nature, and expressed a wish to be cremated at Joshua Tree. After his death his manager and another friend took custody of his body and did their best to fulfill that desire. The memorial plaque near Cap Rock says “Safe at Home,” and a yearly music fest is held at Joshua Tree in honor of Gram Parsons. A book of photos, called Joshua Tree, by Rudy VanderLans, is dedicated to Parsons.
Robert Plant
Twiggy Ramirez – aka Jeordie White
Savoy Brown
Mike Stinson
Rolling Stones — (especially Keith Richards, who hung out with Gram Parsons and supposedly wrote “Sweet Virginia” at Joshua Tree)
Leon Russell
Tom Russell
Natasha Schneider
Sky Saxon and The Seeds
Xander Smith
The Spores
U2 – 1987 album named for Joshua Tree
Dean Ween
Clarence White
Lucinda Williams – her astonishing talk with Marc Maron


Radio Free Joshua Tree — founded 12/12/12
“Joshua Tree” is the National Park, the village itself, the surrounding desert communities and a state of being, sought around the world. The mission of Radio Free Joshua Tree (RFJT) is to bring Joshua Tree to the World –and the World back to Joshua Tree — through the voices of its musicians, artists and poets; its elders and its youth. Rising out of a community rich in creativity and natural beauty, RFJT will focus first on the music inspired by or created in the desert, including work by those who pass through briefly, as well as those who have passed before us. RFJT will gather the many different voices that have found themselves in the desert, literally and metaphorically.

Desert Rats - Joshua Tree

Visit my paintings, the Joshua Tree Dreamings


Untitled by Egan Snow
Art Queen by jkracow
Desert Rats – Joshua Tree by Jared Eberhardt
Entering Joshua Tree by The Javelina
Leaving Joshua Tree by The Javelina
Joshua Tree CA by davecito

Leaving Joshua Tree

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  2. Cool list. Im wondering if this is up to date. Also, you forgot to mention the Queens of the Stone Age video, “Make it Wit Chu”. Cheers!

  3. Thank you! Like many other projects in my world, the list is sadly behind the times. My project stove has a couple of front burners and about 99 back burners.
    The song is very alluring (plus, lots of joshua trees) and I highly recommend that everybody go listen to it.
    Best of all possible regards,

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