Braggin’ on Theresa Rose

An essential thing for an artist to have is a gang of brilliant artistic friends. And do I ever! One of them is Theresa Rose. I became a fangirl way back when I first moved to town, and read an article about Theresa and the guy she used to be married to. I exclaimed, to the guy I used to be married to, “We gotta meet these people!”

What with one thing and another, Theresa and I eventually were members of a co-op art gallery, and this is us getting ready for a show.

Area Artists

Here’s Theresa with one of her life-size rock star portraits:

A Rock 'n' roll artist
She did a couple of covers for Salon: A Journal of Aesthetics, which I used to publish, and also contributed several segments of her gorgeous graphic novel “The Dragon Priest” to various issues of the zine.

Here’s one of her drawings from that period, “Khordan the Guitar Hero.”

Khordan the Guitar Hero

And now she has written a novel that is everything a novel ought to be. Plus, Golden River has made it through the first two levels of a major writing competition. Here is the soon-to-be-renowned author, just a couple of months ago.

Theresa Rose

In another role, Theresa is a muse. At a site called Cache La Pottery, you can see some of the artworks by sculptor and ceramicist Dan Slack, that she has inspired. And Theresa’s own work in the ceramic medium just knocks my socks off.