What Facebook Thinks it Knows about Me

facebook head

I looked at certain areas of my Facebook archive, including “Ads Interests,” described as “based on your Facebook activity and other actions that help us show you relevant ads.”

Many of the terms ring a bell – sure, I love Jen Kirkman. But others of my interests, as logged by Facebook, are mystifying, such as Best Week Ever, Entre Rios Province, Federal Criminal Police Office (Germany), Green Party of Switzerland, Liberty (department store), Mazel tov, Owl City, Pop-up Ad, Pro-ject, Solera, The Epoch Times, The Young and the Restless characters (2012), and Western (genre)


Facebook also claims to have perceived my attraction to such generic categories as:


Another list is “Advertisers Who Uploaded a Contact List With Your Information

This list is a long, long one. So long I can’t be bothered to count the entries, not even for purposes of ridicule. A cursory scan reveals that the very, and I do mean very, great majority are products, services and causes I have zero probability of ever enriching by so much as a dime. These advertisers are wasting their money.

The roster of “Advertisers You’ve Interacted With”

This list contains a total of three (3) items, of which one was a single-question survey on marijuana decriminalization.

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