Life Imitates Art

This first picture is a page from a fairy-tale book I had as a kid.


A whole lot of years later, I lived in 2 basement rooms (and would still be there, if the same people owned the house) and after I made a very amateurish attempt at panoramic photos with an old camera, the resulting pictures reminded me of the underground elf workshop. First, the library/gallery/shipping room/kitchen:
living room
living room 2

And office/gallery/art studio/sewing room/bedroom:

bedroom 1

bedroom 2


One thought on “Life Imitates Art

  1. The ductwork is exquisite! For some unknown reason, I have lived a good share of my life in a basement. Finished, nice, but still below ground. Awful environment for someone who blossoms in warmth and sunshine and coconut palms and coral sands, and (he breaks into song) Bali Hai will call you…..

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