And the rest is history…

Steve O’Keefe is the incredibly prolific originator of many worthy projects and tirelessly enthusiastic promoter of other people’s admirable work. He also takes it to the next level by helping them make their creations better.

On July 4, I always remember our IRL meeting. Fortunately, posterity can also also tune in to that historic occasion, thanks to the piece Steve wrote about it for the International Association of Online Communicators website.

The thing to know right now is, his latest invention is Continuous Improvement: The Newsletter of Orobora . A print edition is also available to subscribers, and it reminds me of Steve’s classy publication Piano from a few years back.

A meeting of great literary minds - Steve O'Keefe, Pat Hartman in Fort Collins, CO

A meeting of great literary minds –
Steve O’Keefe, Pat Hartman in Fort Collins, CO

P.S. The picture was taken by Jesse Vohs, quite an adorable human and techno-genius who was Steve’s accomplice on that road trip.

2 thoughts on “And the rest is history…

  1. Pat, you wonderful human being! Thanks for the beautiful card… again! I keep thinking I can do the same and be able to reciprocate appropriately… that I can become fluent in another medium besides the one which I seldom practice anymore. I know I need to get out of this stupor and write again. I have been here before, but got out of it fairly quickly. This time, I am feeling little to no desire to seek a muse or even try to find if one is already within me. I am a case! But then a card from you arrives and it brings such happiness knowing I still have a loyal, if never-met-in-person friend, who seems to understand these conflicts more readily than the friends I see daily. I am looking at the card again and what is written inside. To me, the perfect birthday card, eh?

    I am so proud of you for taking up that poor boy’s case and cause. I didn’t even know about it until you started taking the topic up in your blog posts, which I always read, if not always respond. I visited all the links in this current post. I guess I am just old and can’t keep up, but I have trouble understanding exactly what Orabora is. A clearing house? A pr/marketing thing? They promote publishers, writers, etc.? I will explore the site more later. Especially to see exactly what there services are and how much they are, if any.

    I so enjoyed his article on the IRL and the incredible things he had to say about you and the lovely photo! He made me realize how lucky I am to have met you… or how we met! Remember? “self promotion is tacky at best.” I will never forget it. It could have meant the end of something before it ever began. But I took your advice and you took over promoting Hunga Dunga for me! One of the best moves ever! “And the rest is history…” our history!

    Though the article was from 2005, I wish I could have told Steve that story, and how talented you are in other media. He might have included it or at least a pic of one of your cards. I treasure all these cards you send. Maybe one day I’ll try my hand at water color which I love, but for the time being, my big THANKS will have to do. Much love to you. Hope all is well and the universe is being generous to you.

    Phil Phil Polizatto (The Unapologetic Hippie) 3255 62nd Ave SW Seattle, WA 98116 206.399.8814


  2. Hi Darlin,’

    Thank you so much – I wish I had some copies left of the zine I was publishing that Steve O’Keefe discovered and started contributing to so long ago – I’d send you some. Switching over to email now…

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